GH2 vs Newest Sensors for heavy 16:9 RAW Processing

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Re: GH2 vs Newest Sensors for heavy 16:9 RAW Processing

I won't pretend to say that I understood exactly what you just said, but from the gist of it, I gather that you believe, for these purposes, there is a slight edge to the GH2 for heavy processed 16:9 images due to the extra pixels?

I'm wondering, if even with these extra pixels (and slightly wider AOV), if the images from a GH2 would actually be cleaner (in regards to grain) than an image processed (and cropped) from the newer sensors. I am able to get clean images with 16:9 crop on my G3, but as I mentioned earlier, this is done through excessive use of NR software (LR and Dfine 2) between filters. I also mask off a lot of areas that I know will cause trouble.

I just need to find some time to get to the camera store and test it out myself.  I don't think they carry GH2s anymore though.

If anyone with a GH2 and a new sensor camera (GH3, EM5, EPL5, EPM2) has some time; maybe they could 'donate' a RAW image taken with both with the same framing and lens and exposure (preferably a high contrast scene), I could take through my workflow to compare.  Otherwise, I suppose I'll just have to wait till I can find a GH2 myself.

Anyways, thanks Detail Man for your response.

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