Need recommendations on new 6D photo kit

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Re: Need recommendations on new 6D photo kit

rob_Il wrote:

The combo of the 24-105 and the 70-200 will give you very good image quaility but I feel that you might notice the <24mm missing a lot more than you think. I have the 10-22 to cover that on my crop set-up and use it about 25-35% of the time for landscapes. I would have missed shots without having a lens wider than 24MM/38mm Eq. I wonder if you would be better with the 17-40 initially instead of the 430EX II initially since you have a trip coming up.

The second battery is a good idea even though the 60D is reated at over 1,000+ pics per charge.

Lightroom 4 highly recommend.

Thanks Rob! I'll definitely need a Speedlite since there is no on-board flash and the 430EX II seems to be the best fit so far since I will only be using a single flash and not a slaved setup. The 270 EX II was appealing but it seems it would be subject to the same harshness and redeye as an on-board flash anyway. So I'll go with the 430EX II (smaller and lighter than my former 580EX) and bounce light or use a diffuser where I can.

I know long-term I will want a permanent wide angle lens in my kit, but after the trip to Hawaii I won't be needing it for several months so I can make due with a rental now. I also hear there is a 14-24 lens in the works which would complement this kit perfectly whenever it comes out (late this year based on one estimate). The 17-40 L is 10 years old so I'm going to hold off and see what they come up with since the 16-35 2.8 II is more lens than I need for the occasional landscape shot.

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