How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Ok, just went by what I read on this forum with the many complaints.

marike6 wrote:

Craig wrote:

I guess I shouldn't believe anyones posts here then..

I really like the low light capabilities of the D3s and was hoping the next D700 would be similar and not go for an insane amount of pixels of the d800 instead of sacrificing low light ability.

But the D800 doesn't sacrifice low-light ability vs the D700 at all, in fact it improves on the D700's low-light/high ISO images having less noise at any given ISO.

DxOMark Sensor Ratings.

D3s Low-light ISO 3253 ISO

D800 Low-light ISO 2853 ISO

D800E Low-light ISO 2979 ISO

D700 Low-light ISO 2303 ISO

D600 Low-light ISO 2980 ISO

D4 Low-light ISO 2965 ISO

I didn't know about these ISO ratings from DXO. I cant believe the D800 is rated that high and I thought the D4 was rated better than the D3s. Does everyone agree with these numbers through actual use?

So then I am right, I want a D700 body with the D3s sensor. I guess I will make do with the D700 for a bit longer.

sorry but I thought most people here know what they are doing and they had legitimate complaints.

I like the the body size of the D700 and the price, the D4 has my attention but I am not ready to spend that much now since my bookings have been down the past 2 years. Having a tough time these days.

Do you think the below image like this one from your gallery would not be possible with the D800, which uses the exact same Multi-CAM 3500FX AF Module as the D4?

I'm not a wedding photographer, but in my experience static subjects or for that matter tracking moving subjects with AF-C are not at all challenging for the D800. I have to wonder why it is you think they are?

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