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Coasting wrote:

I actually think that labeling this camera a point and shot is doing it a great disservice.In my opinion Canon have got it mostly right and i think its more than a match for a 4/3 system with out the fuss of having to carry any extra gear and maybe having to swap out lenses when u could be potentially be missing that decisive moment.Perhaps at the risk of offended the 4/3 crew this could very well be the ultimate camera for most peeps.

I agree that it's potential is much better than most point & shoot cameras but the term point & shoot is just a term and means very little when you consider the capabilities of today's compacts.

Canon classifies the G1X as a point & shoot and that classification is mainly because it has a fixed zoom lens and is a fairly compact "all-in-one" system.

The fact that it has a large sensor and many of the same features used on a DSLR make it a top of the line point & shoot and there's nothing wrong with that.

I remember when all compact cameras were called point & shoot and when people started getting upset with this term. That's when people and manufacturer's started using the word "compact" to describe the small all in one cameras.

It's just like anything else and innovation has basically taken the upper level point & shoot cameras to a level that exceeds the mental vision of a point & shoot camera but the term is still used and probably won't go away anytime soon.

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