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Re: Additional note WRT filters and step down rings

privateman wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote:

I’m very keen on the capability of the LX3’s 18mm accessory lens. So it is interesting to know that the 18mm converter designed for the LX5 works with the LX7 + Kiwi converter and is available for $175.

However, although the LX5 accessory is bigger and heavier than the converter for the LX3, will it actually operate at F1.4 on the LX7, or at F2.0 as it does on the LX5?

Of course, either way, it will still greatly extend the scope of the LX7, and will effectively replace my current need for the LX3. If it does indeed work at F1.4 it will be particularly useful.

What are the names and thread sizes of the converters you are talking about?

Hi privateman:

In answer to your question: Thread size for the wideangle lens converter DMW-LWA52 (designed for the LX-5) is 52mm and requires no step down/up adapter ring if used with the Kiwi BP 211.

The DMW-LW46 designed for the LX-3 has a 46mm thread size. It is smaller in diameter and weighs less than the LWA52, and is not really pertinent to this discussion as it will definitely cause vignetting if used in conjunction with an LX-7.

A question for you: thank you for posting the photo of the fully extended LX-7 lens within the Kiwi tube adapter. Apologies if I sound overly cautious, but I raised the question of contact with the rear surface of a filter because, after a visual check of my tube and LX-7, it seemed to me the clearance with the fully extended zoom wouldn't be adequate if a normal thickness 52mm filter were completely screwed into the end of the tube. Have you yourself had the chance to carry out a physical test with a 52mm filter?

Reply to Cyril Catt: I don't have an LWA52 in hand to conduct a test, but my experience has been that the performance of my Konica Minolta ACW-100 parallels in every way that of the Panny LWA52 on the LX-5. The only differences: the ACW-100 has a slightly wider diameter and weighs a few grams more; and has a magnification factor of .8x as compared with the .75X factor of the LWA52. And the ACW-100 requires a 52-49mm step down ring for mounting on the Kiwi. There's also a substantial difference in the retail price of the two units.

With the ACW-100 on the LX-7, I fully expected I'd have to stop down to f/2 or 2.8 to ensure adequate corner sharpness, but was pleasantly surprised to discover I get beautiful results even at f/1.4, with an effective focal length of 19mm.

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