Problem with the lens 9-18 Oly

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Re: ...or the 45/1.8

astone wrote:

secretworld wrote:

I have not seen any flare issues on my GH2 with the 7-14. I shoot lots of in frame sun, and halogen lights in darker settings. These are just 2 random ones from 100´s without issues.

My thought is that you are not going to see any of the purple spots if the angle of the light from sun does not exceed a particular value. Some parts of the lens (internal optical elements) work as a prism dispersing white light. If the sun is low at horizon – no observable light dispersion. During the lens design it is not easy to see and create a situation when the lens works as a dispersive element. My intend to place these shots was to demonstrate that Pana 7-14 effect is no different than Oly 9-18 but is much easier to achieve. During the time when I took these shots if I’ve raised camera higher toward the sun than it would not be any purple fringing. I’ve done that in the past. Again this is only for reference how not to use this lens and what to expect from it.


Agreed, but as I said I could not find flare in 100´s of shots with the sun in it, not even in dimly lit rooms with bright halogen spots in and outside the frame. The 14mm f2.5 has very clear and coloured reflections in that situation.

It could be I have an automatic instinct to recompose when I see offending flare, that I am not aware of.

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