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Re: 10-100mm

Undah wrote:

I got this as part of a kit. Awesome lens, useable handheld in low light, excellent optics and very effective Image Stabilization (VR). The zoom is silent and smooth. Really a marvel of engineering. To my eye it's as good as the 10-30 within that range and gives you all that zoom (27-270mm) to work with.

I'm thinking of selling it, however. While I'm usually into zooms of this range, especially for travel (I intended to use this for travel), the V1 + this lens is not a whole lot smaller/lighter than my DSLR and superzoom combo.

But still I like zoom. I have the FT1 but no nikon lenses.

I'm thinking of getting either the 30-110mm or the 55-200mm (used on the FT1). What are your thoughts? Anyone have both?

I'm also thinking of just selling the whole thing and getting a Sony RX100. Looks to be an awesome cam, truly pocketable (a big deal for me) but the downside is it maxes out at 100mm (35mm equivalent).

I'd like your thoughts on this, whatever they may be.

2 different thoughts arent they....one gives u interchangeable lens and you seem to like the long lens capability and asking about the 55-200...and then talking about a fixed lens camera albeit a gd one but with limited focal length...hmm...which one seems the first thing u need to decide


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