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Derek Oregon wrote:

I'm sure firmware updates are not inexpensive to research ,develop and roll out. Canon has to balance whether investing in the cost of an update for a camera that's a year old and has average sales makes sense or better to spend that capitol on the next new project that may produce more robust sales and higher profitability.

Canon may assume that most people that buy a point & shoot camera are not tech savvy and will never bother with updating their camera. On the other hand the G1X is kind of a prosumer level camera and would have likely gotten some future updates if the sales would have been better.

Perhaps with the price coming down the sales will bump up.

I hope Canon makes a firmware update for G1X but I am not holding my breath.

I agree that if Canon was going to do a firmware update, it should have been done when the camera was a little newer.

The problem with Canon, and it's always been this way, its that Canon doesn't do firmware upgrades on their compact cameras. Their business model is "you get what you've bought" and if you need something better you need to buy their next iteration of the camera.

People who've been buying Canon compacts for several years know about this and don't expect Canon to improve any compact camera with a firmware update and that's the main reason that many people will never buy Canon's first generation of any model camera.

In the past, (once or maybe twice) Canon has fixed a glaring default with a firmware update but they have never given the customer any improvements.

I'm not faulting this business model; it's obviously worked very well for Canon, but I do think Canon has made a mistake, when it comes to the G1X, and that it could have been one of their biggest success stories.

I don't really agree about the expense of a firmware update. It's actually not bad when you consider it's just code. Most of it is code that's already been written and only needs to be adapted to a specific system. Canon has people who could do this in their sleep.

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