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Chris, Ron

Cideway wrote:

Looks good Gerry, not quiet as punchy but a more traditional approach, I can tend to over cook my processing in order to get that extreme wow factor, a mis-spent youth under exposing velvia to crank up the saturation.

Once again personal taste is a big factor in this discussion,

Too true, Chris.  I find the trouble is knowing when I've gone far enough even for my own taste.  I'm forever going back and redoing shots because what I though was OK is over-[insert any parameter you want].

it also comes down to a matter of training, I was trained as a retoucher using CS and CS2, where the camera raw tools were, primitive at best. I then worked as a retoucher using 3 and 4 and just evolved the techniques. The advantage of my way is that it can be done with any version of photoshop from 7 to CS6, while the disadvantage is that it requires a strong working knowledge and the patients to work with adjustment layers and masks.

That's a very good point.  I learned on PS7 and then CS2.  Today I update because the newer versions are so much easier but I think I had to go through the older ways to learn.

As with anything photoshop, just like photography in general there is no right way to do things, use the tools that you become accustomed to and are most comfortable with, for example I rarely use USM for sharpening, I instead use a high pass filter to achieve my sharpening objectives.

It may sound daft to some people but one thing I like about CS/PS is that there are so many ways of doing things.  I doubt if I use more than 5-10% of its capability but I can pick the bits that suit me.

Ron this could be a good learning exercise for you, if I have time, I may even work up a full tutorial on what I did.

I second that, Ron.  I actually have a big note I did for a friend of mine some years ago.  It's about CS2 but, as mentioned above, it can be helpful to learn the old ways first.  I should warn you that it's pretty hefty but if you send me a PM with your email address I'll send it to you.  After all, the worst that can happen is that it doesn't suit you and you scrap it.

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