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Re: 1TB SSD?

Given that you are not scared by the cost of a 1TB SSD i guess you would consider a new laptop. some laptops (i know my lenovo x230 can) can take a 2.5" SATA plus an mSATA card. So you could have a 1TB harddrive + 512GB mSATA. (though i am not sure there is a 1TB 7mm drive yet).

no matter what drive technology you use hd or ssd you need a backup. either could fail completely at anytime. You can use SMART monitoring software which may give you an advanced warning; if it says your drives is about to fail it its probably right, if it says your drive is fine then you just don't know.  with an hd there are quite a few failure modes that can be recovered from, but the cost of recovery might be too high to be worth it (rebuilding a drive in a clean room will cost many $100). If you drop your laptop then your data stands a much better chance on an ssd.

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