Future of Four-Thirds

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Re: Future of Four-Thirds

As long as it is supported and it does what you want to do, don't worry.

I think the vast majority of Olympus R&D is concerned with micro four-thirds, because that is where the sales are, but as others pointed out above; the system is fairly mature already, and putting out a E-5 mark II with a new Sony or Toshiba sensor could be done relatively cheap.

Personally, I haven't entirely given up hope that Olympus has ambitions to make an E-7 yet, but if they do I think it's likely that it won't be a traditional DSLR. This is guesswork, but I find that the rumours of using an electronic mirror instead of mechanical mirror are credible, and would allow you to differentiate the E-7 from other DSLR-likes.

For it to be a succes, I think they really need to look at why the micro four-thirds have taken off. Make it a smaller camera. Give people a good fast 35/50 mm equivalent prime for it.

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