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PhD4 wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

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28to70 wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

Seen it mentioned here so often, but this guy does not need a teleprompter!

"We, the people", I think he found exactly the right words in the present situation, very eloquent speaker!


Rene, this guy conned me into voting for him back in 2008. He has backtracked on all the promises he made to the liberals and us independents. I VOTED on his promise of real change. Instead he appointed all the Golman-Sachs parasites that drove this country to the brink. He has turned out to be a slick opportunistic oreo puppet. I felt personally betrayed by this mulatto.

Believe me, after the clueless baby Bush I just couldn't fathom getting any worst. Believe me, the worst is coming!

This president has added in just 4 years 6.5 trillion Dollars of debt on orders of the Federal Reserve and the banksters. We have 47.5 million people on food stamps. Party on!

What you don't seem to realise is that most of the world is in trouble. this is not Obama's fault but a world trend. Whilst during Bush's time, it was his fault.

What Jules meant to say...

Jules: "I'm a complete idiot, but I see an opportunity to bash Bush again"

I guess posting something coherent to Phud doesn't mean you will get a coherent answer, or a sensible one.

I didn't see you ask a question. Do you know what a question is ?

All I saw was you finding an opportunity to bash Bush.... once again. He wasn't even part of the topic, but there you go... throwing his name in there, like the liberals in America did for 4 years (but I think even they are getting tired of using that excuse).

It was nice to see 100,000 people happy with him as president on the TV yesterday,

100,000 are not "happy" with him... about 18,003 are... the rest just wanted to be there because they think there is meaning behind his skin color.

I guess you were frothing at the mouth though Phud? :-

No, I couldn't care less about any of that, including his decision to redo a FAKE swearing in on MLK's B'Day. That's just him. A fraud.

I was busy all weekend, doing things that have meaning.

I see you were here whining about America.

Phead you are grasping for everything, including the race card, and are still making no sense. Your jealousy is showing.

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