Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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pro AF tracking ability, prime lenses

SergioNevermind wrote:

I think AF tracking ability is pushing and pushing up the selection of an afordable camera to the most high end available equiment. But if you think about candids, maybe you can take a

Thanks. I did want to hear about high end pro FF cameras to find out what they can do marginally better that APS-C can't. But don't worry, I'm an adult. I'm still going to make a value decision on if the marginal benefit of a little more AF power and other benefits is worth the additional cost.

different (old fashioned approach). As somebody else (in a very intelligent way) posted, for indoors shooting a 24 mm (equivalent) is a must. If kids are moving, anything larger will miss the frame, the ambient, the context.

I'll do a rough math:

24 mm stopped down at f4.0 or even 5.6, 1/100 sec on ISO 1600 or 3200 will take a lot of light, provide a large DOF and will freeze enough many situations. It will also get the context. Lots of beautiful moments can be captured around this set of parameters.

And I'm talking just to focus manually estimating distance and letting the wide DOF provided by this lens do the job.

So I would be looking for a good 24mm f 2.0 and a sensor able to provide liittle noise at ISO 3200. (NOT a zoom kit lens at full aperture)

Capture RAW and some additional processing can mend exposure difficulties.

Having made this choice, portraits will requiere an 85 mm (equivalent) f 2.0, but portrait means a NOT MOVING subjet, or at least not the same speed of movement.

I would select FF, APS or even 4/3 with these pair of lenses (equivalent focal length) and a sensor capable of good ISO and forget about AF tracking.

(Well, the Oly EM5 might be a choice here too).

Thanks, yes if I go with primes, it sounds like 24 mm is a must. If on zoom, the zoom range would have to start at 188 or 24 mm at least. Glad to hear I can get 1/100 and enough DOF there. It'll pretty much push the ISO to the max though.

Why exactly is an 85 mm considered a "portrait lens"? Is it because of the lens distortion that would result from taking a portrait shot on a 24 mm lens? I guess there are no economical 24 mm lenses that are sharp end to end and without distortion if the frame is filled?

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