Future Pen cameras

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Chris Tofalos
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Re: Future Pen cameras

Better for me:

  • ISO 50 and 100
  • less noise
  • (no higher resolution necessary)

2. EVF (An OVF/EVF hybrid would be awesome)

  • Built in, of course!

3. Metal body, weather proof.

  • Plus better buttons.

4. Price around 1000$ body only.


  • Better quality control. - Is this asking too much?
  • Much easier to use menu system (no more Olympus muddle) - I know this is asking too much!
  • Built in grip.

Like that. it would make a nice up date for.


Now here's a man who knows how to improve a camera. I agree with everything you've written, Peter. Let's hope Olympus have read it, too!

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