Anybody using a ICC profile for Dell U2412M off TFTCentral?

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Re: Anybody using a ICC profile for Dell U2412M off TFTCentral?

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digitalman4242 wrote:

Since I don't have the money for a calibration tool was wondering if any of these profiles on there would give me more accurate color?

One of the ones up there is mine! To be honest though after ages of trying the 'by eye' calibration techniques I eventually gave up and shelled out for a calibration tool (ColorMunki Display) which has proved to be a worthwhile investment. Especially useful as I was after matching another Dell display of a different model. Not having tried my profile on another monitor I can't comment how transferable the profile is.

Having checked then mine is the only Revision A02 profile on the list.

What kind of video card did you have when you calibrated it? Have you noticed much of a difference?? Is it just a matter of changing the values for brightness,contrast,red,blue,green? also if I buy a calibration tool can I use this on any tv&monitor? would help justify the purchase if I can use it on all future TV's and Monitors. Sorry for all the noob questions. I'm new to this.


re: hardware calibrators

There are a number of reviews of these on YouTube.  After you've viewed one the others become snoozers but it will help you comprehend just how easy these units are to use.

The current generation that you should consider are these...

Datacolor Spyder 4 Express/Pro/Elite

(I would take no less than the Pro model myself; same puck but software is most feature rich with the Elite)

Xrite Colormunki Display

Xrite i1 Display Pro


There are good reviews on these units here...


My two bits having owned and used a Spyder2 Pro and i1 Display2; while I think the Xrite Colormunki Display and i1 Display Pro may have a sensor/puck that is superior (slightly) to the Spyder4 sensor/puck, the Spyder software was flawless in use in installing it on WinXP and Vista. On the other hand I have had a glitch with my Xrite i1 unit for which I have had to use a work around - it has never been right and I have put too many hours into it now to pursue it further.  I have had a better experience with Datacolor's customer support than Xrite's.


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