SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Josh SZ
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Re: Pointless and unproven

I only started paying attention to D600 self-contamination issue after I bought my D600. I even did not know this two month-old thread existed. Thank you to bring it back to life.

Life is a lesson. Two months is not long time but it is longer enough to change something, like change a view point completely.

Unfortunately, Nikon has not changed it attitude towards this problem at all. Very disappointed.

To people who think D600 self-contamination is not a big issue and just need regular clean to deal with it, I am not blaming you because you are nice people. But sometimes if you are too nicer, especially too nicer to this Nikon self-contamination problem, it will send Nikon a wrong message and they will never take the issue seriously. You will see the issue repeat its self. You will see the problem come back in the future, in D900, D820? D620?.... I don’t think you like to deal with this again in your next upgrade.

And even you only take pictures F1/8 or larger, the spots will still degrade the picture quality, like the sharpness at the very point, even you don’t see them. So a clean censor is still preferred.

People here who brought this issue up in this forum do not want to trash Nikon, as least that is not my intention. I just want Nikon to acknowledge the issue and to treat their customers who have the problem fairly.



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