Show of hands: 50 / 1.4 IS

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More potential to improve I'd say...

Great Bustard wrote:

The Canon 35 / 2 costs $320 and the new Canon 35 / 2 IS costs $850 (B&H).

The Canon 50 / 1.4 costs $400, so, if Canon put out a 50 / 1.4 IS that was as improved over the 50 / 1.4 as the new 35 / 2 IS is over the original 35 / 2, would you buy it for $900?

I would, and sell my 50 / 1.2L.

The problem the new 35mm f/2 IS had was I'd say that the old non IS version was already a very solid performer, boarders werent great on FF wide open but the center was pretty sharp.

The 50mm 1.4 on the other hand has a reputation as not being very sharp at all wide open, improve that and fix the problem with the AF being vunerable to bumps and I see alot of people being happy to pay $800ish.

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