D7000 vs Sony DCS-RX100 -sharpness ?

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Re: D7000 vs Sony DCS-RX100 -sharpness ?

winterfall wrote:

Hi to everybody.I've been reading a lot and looking at sample photos. Here is my question and concern. I want a quality camera - with specs like D7000 ,but here is the problem. I want my photos to be sharp out of the camera - to be like the photos that come out from the RX100. I read for the soft image problem of the D7000 and how it might be caused by the big pixel density.Some blame the problem on bad glass,but how bad it could be compared to RX100. Also Rx100 has a much bigger pixel density and the images are much much more sharper. I am confused and I really want to buy a DSLR camera. Please could somebody explain to me where is the problem. Also I would like to ask you to post full res images from your Nikon d7000 without post processing with various lenses( ful res photos are hard to find). Thank you very much.

PS:Now I am shooting form time to time with my old Sony DCS-P73.that is why I want a new camera.:)

Well the D7k can produce equally, if not much sharper, images than the RX100. It's not that much about the pixel density but instead more about restrained/moderate default settings. I assume you looked more to OOC JPG images here and that's exactly where the big difference lies in.

P&S cams like the Sony RX100 are as default setup for their JPG engine more expressive than the as default/initial D7k settings here. Another thing is DOF here, due to it's 1" sensor the RX100 has a different looking DOF which often enhances that difference impression.

But if you setup and customize a D7k in the way you seem to like more, meaning to give/setup it to produce OOC here sharper and slightly more vivid JPG images, then you will see that OOC D7k images look much different and not as moderate as before.

Speaking of general IQ capabilities, the D7k with it's much bigger APS-C sensor plays in a different league here, the RX100 -though not bad and very good for a P&S cam, can't match it's IQ.

I often shoot with a D7k and a V1, the later uses also a 1" sensor though not with the higher pushed resolution of the RX100 here. So when comparing equally scaled images from a RX100 and V1 there isn't so much difference between those, beside WB and color related image output etc. - However when comparing both the RX100 and V1 IQ wise instead with the output of the D7k, the later is still much ahead of those in IQ, also in terms of possible sharpness if desired.

Note however that with all these cams you will get much more and better IQ when shooting RAW, since then you can much more fine tune the resulting image in post processing and thus getting most out of the pictures.

Some D7k sharpness examples, though due to space limitations no full size images, the last three were OOC JPGs ...

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