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Re: While knowing this thread was just started in hopes of riling up people....

mamallama wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

Seen it mentioned here so often, but this guy does not need a teleprompter!

Then why did he have them ?

Why does he ALWAYS have them ?

Why is he KNOWN for having them ?

Why is Obama/Teleprompter the punchline of so many jokes ?

The teleprompter joke is getting old. It made sense for the Republicans to hang on to it to counter Obama's oratory skills to help in their effort to keep him from a second term.

Sad thing is... it's not a joke.

His reliance on it shows in his embarrassing moments when they fail.

You can't deny the proof caught on international video.

It didn't work, so move on. No more old and outdated Obama teleprompter jokes.

Old?  I guess you missed the inauguration (pt. 2) yesterday ? lol...

He's a very clumsy speaker.

This isn't news or anything.

Sometimes a goof is just a goof... and not a goof because his opponent calls him one.

Not that you'll ever admit to that.

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