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Re: Olympus EPM2 Menu

glokenpop wrote:

One thing I was relieved with is the menu, as it seems to be a common complaint. I haven't looked at the manual and have found it easy to use - perhaps better than the 5D, with the exception of bracketing which I haven't found a simple way of doing.

It always helps to read the fine manual.

I assume you have figured out that you can enable bracketing via the menu (pages 61-64), but you want a more convenient way to go into/out of bracket mode.

You can use the MySet feature to record 4 separate sets of options. For example, you might use MySet 1 for your normal options, and MySet 2 for your normal bracketing options. Then to go into bracket mode, you would just do Menu -> left arrow (setup) -> down arrow (MySet/Reset) -> left arrow -> down arrow (MySet 1) -> left arrow (Set) -> Ok.

If you use bracketing frequently, you can program the various buttons, so that when you hold a button down, it goes immediately to one of the MySets. So if MySet1 is your normal defaults, and MySet2 are your bracketing defaults, you could program the Fn button, so that when you hold it down, it switches to the MySet2 defaults. When you release the button, it goes back to the previous defaults.

One thing with bracketing on Oympus cameras, it helps to enable sequential mode, so that you can hold down the shutter button, and take all of the pictures in the bracket at once.  I find I always keep sequential mode on, but I put it into low speed mode, and set the fps to 3.  That gives me plenty of time when I'm normally shooting, that I don't take 50 pictures without intending to, but fast enough that I can mash the button down to get repeated shots when I desire.  You could set high speed sequential mode on the MySet you have the bracketing on.

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