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Re: While knowing this thread was just started in hopes of riling up people....

PhD4 wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

Seen it mentioned here so often, but this guy does not need a teleprompter!

Then why did he have them ?

Why not, what's your problem Phud, if he wore black shoes you'd find something wrong with that. Margret Thatcher, who I'm sure you are a fan of being a right wing leader, used prompters, so what?

Why does he ALWAYS have them ?

Because he chooses to. Even Einstein could probably forget where he was in a speech, so what?

Why is he KNOWN for having them ?


Why is Obama/Teleprompter the punchline of so many jokes ?

Because folls like you keep making them up. You have nothing else in your sad life to do, you are obsessed with hating the president of your country that was elected using a system called democracy. Would you preferthe Chinese, Zimbabwean or N korean method perhaps?

Btw... he could have used one here... since he couldn't even repeat words that were just given to him...

ZZzzzz. you are a child Phud.

Face it... the guy has proven to be a blubbering idiot who stumbles over his words, when his teleprompter fails.

Just one shining exanple of eloquence

and anotther, lol...

"this guy does not need a teleprompter!"... Dumbest comment of the month.

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