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Fantastic pic.It s a really good camera despite the negativity that has surrounded it.I think it has suffered from comments from peeps that havnt spent much time with the camera or simply need a camera thats idiotproof.I have compared it to some of the current 4/3 cameras and think it beats a lot of them in iq and conveniance.

Besides the slow'ish AF especially in low light, not unlike 90% of P&S cams and ltd macro capability it's a brill cam, especiallyin terms of IQ aand build quality. Underrated indeed, I have both the G1X and the G15 of which the G15 is much faster in AF has better low light AF, fast lens etc. and better macro, so it's more versatile, but for pure IQ the G1X is superb!

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I've always thought Canon made about the best compact cameras available.

Many new camera models, from every manufacturer, are initially sold with minor problems that can easily be fixed with firmware updates and most companies issue an update.

The one problem I have with Canon is that they don't normally do firmware updates for their compact cameras and I think that hurts their business.

Everything I've read about the G1X indicates it's a great concept that just needs some tweaking to become a great camera.

When you consider it is a compact with a large sensor and a fixed zoom lens that has excellent IQ (for a compact) it seems that Canon could do a firmware update that would greatly improve some of its problem areas.

The camera may not ever be perfect but it could be considered the best compact available and a bigger seller for Canon.

A tremendous amount of people are "doing away" with their DSLRs and switching to Micro Four Thirds or to a camera like the Sony NEX. I'm sure that many of these people would prefer a fixed zoom lens camera, like the G!X, if Canon could just improve a couple things with a firmware update.

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