Are we losing sight of what photography is?

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Re: Are we losing sight of what photography is?

DJF77 wrote:

a good camera is a good camera regardless of who's hands it's in. There are great photos taking with poor cameras and poor photos taken with great cameras. Are you suggesting that all Fuji users are incompetent?

Personally I think the Fuji X cameras give the best Image quality out of anything other than Full Frame (and probably most of them also) - does that make someone's photo more interesting? NO. Will the X cameras make you a better photographer! NO

Digital has bought photography to the masses - so of course we are going to see the average joe post his snaps and think they are amazing (and to him they may well be), its a fun hobby that people enjoy to various degrees.

If you only want to view certain types of photography at a certain level it is easy enough to find.

Haha - no, certainly not incompetent

In fact I find that the X series has attracted a lot of good pro photographers and this has some bias when looking for something like "X-E1 samples" - it's easy to find great images taken in great locations - but I do try to remind myself that they'd be just as great had they been taken with an SLR of m43.

I guess I just feel I am missing the whole mystique of the X-trans and the cynic in me thinks it's 99% marketing.

Don't get me wrong, I shoot the X100 and like the output a ton - but I also admit that I can't see a whole heap of difference between that sensor, the revolutionary bayer pattern X-E1 sensor or an m43 sensor in real world results.

I feel like I am almost stupid for not see it?

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