Are we losing sight of what photography is?

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Re: Are we losing sight of what photography is?

dprstevie wrote:

I have spent a lot of time reading and watching reviews of several different cameras - mainly the OM-D and the X-E1 but also other models and manufacturers.

A lot of this research has been done on this site, and various dedicated forums such as the Fuji form and the m43 forums that are dotted around.

What I have found is that pixel peeping seems to rule now - image quality, it seems, is EVERYTHING for the modern photographer. Artistic flair and functionality (which possibly go hand-in-hand) doesn't seem to be of much significance to the average shooter any more.

For example, most Fuji guys seem convinced that there is something magical to Xtrans output, it's almost evangelical. That may be the case, but it's hard to find anyone who can demonstrate or articulate what this is, apart from saying it's "less digital and more film like". I'd actually wager a decent lump sum that most people couldn't tell the difference between a 5D, X or m43 if the image was taken by a pro.

Almost all of these guys have links to their work, and it's all post processed to death?! The colors made completely wacky, dynamic range overdone, contrast increased by 100x and sharpened to death.

What's more, a huge number of these X shooters are shooting street, travel and documentary - when quality really doesn't play much of a role in the emotional reaction to a photo and the subject and story of a message is what should really count.

Or is that an old way of thinking?

I remember an argument many years ago, back in the 70's, yes there are some of us here that old, between two good friends. One had the very best hi-fi of the time, Linn turntable, Naim amps, Quad electrostatic speakers, for those of you who remember cost thousands,  and only bought direct cut vinyl discs from Germany at £25 each. He would sit and listen to the purity of every last note, the clarity of the base, the 3rd harmonic distortions etc. He had 12 LP's. The other chap had a Sanyo music centre - cost about £100 then and at least 1000 records. He loved his music,  his friend loved his equipment. Nothing changes!

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