World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

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Re: World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

dennis paterson wrote:


I write to you from the country I was born in, Australia, supposedly #4 on the above list.

My son is at Uni in Sweden. My daughter went to a US Ivy league Uni. My wife is Chinese. The happiest time I had working was in Hong Kong with a top marginal rate of 16% for senior professional workers. My wife says she finds Australia a bit boring. My son loves Germany. My daughter loves the USA, her ony regret is not being able to find work there after graduation in 2010. Of course Australia is OK but it is a nanny-state run by bossy-boot women, eg., the Queen, the Governor General, the PM, the Attorney General and the Finance Minister, etc. China can build a new city quicker than we can get council approval for a new bus shelter. However as the Chinese say, a nice place to retire because there are no death duties. My son loves the cultural richness of Europe even with all its problems, my daughter loves the dynamism of the USA, the friendly nature of Americans and (of all things) their Constitution.

Socialism to work takes a consensus that privileges communal duty before individual success to be alive in the dna of the culture, if that is not there it will fail. That is why vanilla socialism is in such big trouble and the "socialist" countries referred to are really all by degree mixed economies like the USA, perhaps a tad more magenta than cyan, thats all.

New Zealand was a very social-democratic country by tradition but it has of recent years had a conservative (meaning "quasi-neocon") government and from all accounts, everything is ticketyboo in the land of the long-white-cloud. So go figure.

Be wary of what you read in lists,

kind regards to all,


Thank you for expressing your opinion.  Just want to point name of the ranking was changed to prosperity index to avoid the confusion when it's called happiness index.  There can be different interpretation of happiness from different people who have different agenda.  These countries on top of the list are supposed to be the most prosperous countries by a set of mostly objective measurements such as personal income and freedom.

Also like to point out, as I have already said in another posts, these are NOT socialist countries.  That was only sarcasm I used since conservatives are accusing the policies of current administration as socialist even when they are far less extensive than social policies in those countries.  Those top countries are implementing extensive social safety nets with some redistribution of wealth (perhaps borderline socialism as Forbes article said) but at the same time also promote private entrepreneurship.  The combination of happy workers, efficient government and robust private economy seems to be the recipe for their success.

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