How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Re: How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

RP McMurphy wrote:

joneil wrote:

What would be nice is an updated D700.

Why do you need an updated D700 - FPS only?

Unless you want heavy build and high fps then the d800 can be used and you just output to a lower resolution with the added advantages of more detail at 12mp than a D700 can give you

I really do not understand why a D700 user wanting a new camera cannot find

Psssst RP..., fyi most folks dont shoot weddings in jpg or have all day waiting for the buffer to clear

OK, sorry, didn't realise that weddings were fast action sports events

If you read what I wrote I did say "FPS only" as a reason for noth moving to D800.  If you want FPS then, granted, the D800 maybe a little slow for spray and pray; but I didn't think wedding photographers needed to capture 'action'.

A D600 would give you more fps so what's wrong with that?, oh you want a tougher body than the D600? and more fps than a D800? Jeez, the weddings round your way must be pretty dramatic

Maybe more genteel weddings would pay better to allow you to use a faster card?

Here in UK we just had snow which doesn't happen often, so I spent the weekend watching the kids hurtle down the slopes on sleds and I didn't once have a problem with the buffer, equally I didn't once miss a shot from not having enough fps; evidently the weddings that you attend are faster paced than kids on toboggans ?

Fancy that - how were weddings photgraphed before 5fps and 90mb/s became the minimum standard ?

wait all day for the buffer to clear, never happened. Methinks you doth exaggerate to the point of making yourself look silly

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