1080p 60i video camera?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
Sean Nelson
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Re: 1080p 60i video camera?

Francis Carver wrote:

If you camera can indeed record 60 progressive frames per second, they only way to play that out will be via 120 interlaced frames per second. You cannot play out without Frankensteinizing it 60p original video as 60i. You would need 120 Hertz refresh rate displays to do that.

Huh?   A 60p video can be played at 60p on a computer or on any 1080p60 compatible television set - and most of the decent sets manufactured in the last year or two are capable of this.   1080p60 is also supported by most of the Panasonic and Sony BluRay players, and the current HDMI standards support it as well.  Everything that's needed is in place in current consumer equipment.

60p video has arrived for those who want it.

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