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Re: Love how so many non-americans "know" what is best for America.

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If guns were made illegal in the US (note: this doesn't mean that there are no guns, just that they are illegal, except for police and military), do you believe that the number of deaths due to assault (that is, not due to suicide or accidents) will increase, decrease, or stay roughly the same?

Please write "Increase", "Decrease", or "Same" in the subject line of your reply, and feel free to elaborate in the body of the reply.

Bonus question:

What about injuries (cuts, broken bones, etc.)?

They "know" how to fix the U.S., but no clue how to fix their own countries.

As for the question, yes of course gun violence will eventually decrease, but if you were to outlaw guns today, violence would definitely increase for some time.

Now if Obama tried to make some kind of executive order outlawing guns, then you would see why people own guns, and it would not be pretty.

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You say "Love how so many non-americans "know" what is best for America." and "They "know" how to fix the U.S., but no clue how to fix their own countries."

What do you mean like how the Yanks go and interfere because they know what's best for the rest of the world e.g. Haiti, Grenada, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatamala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Chile nauseam, whilst at the same time not being able to fix their own country (e.g. corrupt political system)? :-)

There in lies the difference. Most of the those places you mentioned are not anything the typical american cares about. These were mostly done by the government. I am talking about ordinary citizens of other countries trash talking the US. There are very few americans that bother to trash talk other nations, except for France.

Most Americans just don't care what goes on in other countries. We couldn't care less if people in the U.K. prefer to use a baseball bat over a gun to kill each other. We just don't. It doesn't affect our peace or happiness.

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Brian is very smart. He knows what most Americans care about.

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