The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

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Re: The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

PhD4 wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

First of all I'm tired of Black people playing the race card. This is 2013 not 1963, I remember what real discrimination was like. Now they just play the race card when they aren't getting what they want and can't get by legitimate competition. They still want the affirmative action advantage they enjoyed for so long. When the last of the baby boomers are gone there will be on one left who remembers what real discrimination was really like.

Only one layer at a time of the racist fabric gets peeled away at a time, waiting only for the time that people are able to finally see it at each step. Because if you don't think what you have today is "real racism" then you don't really interact or work with black people very much. I was alive then. I fed orange juice to the members of the Poor People's Campaign, and I looked into their eyes one by one. Things have only changed a little, and your personal perception of the problem is only a matter of what scope of considerations you'll admit. Hopefully you will find new patience.

The problem are those that think all "fabric" is racist.

You're ignoring the fact that there is a whole lot of "race card" use out there (racism called out where it doesn't exist). Whether a Latino kills a young black because he was walking through a neighborhood he shouldn't be in, at night... a young girl pretends to be raped and beat by white people, that turns out to be a set-up by black leaders (Sharpton, Jackson... people that blacks actually consider leaders) in NY.... or now with US government representatives claiming to not support Obama's liberal bills/exec. actions, is not partisan.... but "racist". A few examples of hundreds.

The mood this creates is a mood of people being "tired" of it, as KC says, and people not believing it, with all the "boy who cried wolf" BS that constantly goes on with the race card.

And the ones that created this mood are not white.

You're delusional if you deny that.

I know I will be called "racist" for even pointing this out, but I couldn't care less.

The facts are the facts and calling someone racist to deflect from the facts...

is absolutely expected.

I'm not ignorant of the fact that racism is played out in every conceivable combination.  I'm also not ignorant of the fact that a few people, whoever they are, will take advantage of any opportunity the system affords.

What I took exception to was the idea that there was no more "real racism."  As I said, if anyone thinks that there is no more "real racism" that person does not live around and/or work with many black people.  It's as plain as day.

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