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Re: ISO values: may be a good thing actually

rhlpetrus wrote:

John Pennington wrote:

More than with the D7000.

DXO Mark measures ISO via saturation, not midgray level, as do makers when they calibrate camera. If DXO mark gets a 68 for nominal ISO100, that means that the camera has, actually, a saturation (clipping) further up from midgray level as calibrated by Nikon. That could mean more HLs DR (distance from midgray to actual RAW clipping).

So, in practice, you will see exactly the same settings as a camera that reads 100 on both counts, same overall results (depending on jpeg curve), but D5200 will show more HLs latitude.

But potentially greater shadow noise.  The OMD has caused a veritable firestorm in this regard - its ISO 200 is ISO 100 in comparison to Nikon's referencing philosophy (which is closer to DXO's saturation-based definition), but it uses that extra headroom to introduce a film-like soft knee in the highlight region of its JPGs that is very pleasing. It loses a bit in shadow noise, but the DR of today's sensors is so blinking large that it's hardly noticeable - if you're comparing to a D90.

Bottom line is that miinor differences in ISO calibration relative to DXO (like 30%) aren't signficant - they simply reflect the use of the RIE methodology for ISO calibration (basically, if it looks the way you want it to, it's OK).

The D5200's sensors appears to not suffer for shadow noise even though its calibration point is a little below the D7000's.  Not naughty, just different.

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