Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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F717 for me as well

Same for me - the F717 was my first camera and I still have it, despite having taken a similar path with the R1, plus an Alpha 700 a load of lenses and kit, all of which I had to sell. I can't bear to part with the F717, it still takes great photos now, people still even now remark on the clarity of its images. It was/is also just flat out cool, combining great materials, lens, design that still looks fresh today and a decent upgrade over the F707. As much as I know a camera is merely a tool, it has been amazing how many people over the years have been wowed by the futuristic and audacious design. Total strangers on the street have shouted, "Nice camera!!!" I'll never forget the first time I used mine at an event, for which I bought the camera, come to think of it. As I demonstrated the multitude of features, one friend jokingly said, "All it needs is a laser sight" to which another friend said, "Er, actually..."!!!

What's not to like about a camera with a built-in laser?!

I loved the R1 for its images and the screen but never grew fond of it like I did the F717. To me it just felt a bit thrown together, with some glaring omissions, the cheaper feeling body which clearly wasn't designed with much attention to details.

When I had to sell the A700 kit I had absolutely no regrets, I only wish the A77 had been around when I bought that. Perhaps one day there will be a new Alpha that inspires me like the F717 did. I always carried that with me and took loads of photos, now, nothing.

Another time, at work, we had to figure out if an infra red remote control was working. I happened to have my F717 with me, I just turned it to Night Shot mode and pointed it at the emitter of the IR remote, just plain cool and all the guys at work loved it.

Docno wrote:

Night-shot (and IR), laser-pattern focus, crazy twisting body (well, it was more lens than body), and decent digital IQ for the time.

But to this day, I still love the IQ that my later R1 could produce with its fixed Zeiss lens...

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