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Re: What are the Panasonic M4/3 Camera Categories?

Francis Carver wrote:

QUESTION 1: What is a "GAS syndrome" and what is the "Panasonic GAS?" Does "GAS" stand for anything in particular?

GAS is an abbrevation for gear acquisition syndrome, you can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:GreyCat/Gear_Acquisition_Syndrome

QUESTION 2. I cannot figure out how many camera categories Panasonic has, and when I called over there, they were not able to give me a concise classification about them either. Their web site has all the M4/3 cameras tossed together in a total farrago.

I know they have GF cameras and G cameras and GH cameras and who knows how many other kinds and groups, at first sight they probably have 2x the camera categories they need, and 2x the camera models that would make sense. So, does anyone know where one could look up what these model designations actually mean? It looks from the pictures that the G cameras and GH cameras are a bit larger and both types look more like traditional small bodied DSLRs, in that case, why do they even have both a G and a GH series? And how about the smaller form factor M4/3 cameras, you know, the ones that look more like the Sony NEX series? How many categories of those kinds does Panasonic has, and what's the difference? Thanks!

I think they have four segments now:

GF - Point n shoot style.

GX - Premium enthusiast cameras

G - Mainstream with viewfinder, smaller then GH.

GH - Top of the line video and photo.

The GF-1 was first considered the premium model, and when the models that came afterwards focused on simplification, many of the fans of the GF1 went oly or Sony instead for their next upgrade.

I was a big fan of the GF1 myself, and went for the GF2. Now I am exited to try out the G3, which is the smallest of the g models, with a newer sensor and very cheap now.

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