Advice for upgrading d70 with Tamron lens

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Re: Advice for upgrading d70 with Tamron lens

Thank you everyone for your advice.

My budget right now is about $500 but I am working on saving that much more with a timeline of 4-6 months. Also, my hubby is looking for a suggestion for my birthday in March. So, I can get len(s) now or wait and get a new body. I am hesitant to buy a body used or refurbished since there is much to go wrong. I thought refurbished lenses might have less to go wrong but my thoughts might be off (?). I do have a tripod and some filters from the days of film.

I will research the lenses suggested by everyone.

So far, I am seeing some mixed reviews on the Sigma and Tamron. Maybe the Nikon 60 would be a good choice and allow more for my close up passion.

Right now I am leaning more toward the D7000 body since it is newer and the prices are much the same as the d90.

I recently purchased a P7100 to carry with me all the time. My DSLR is for when I want to really play and lose myself.

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