Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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Re: Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

I don't have an OM-D (have an E-PL5 on the way), but my last 2 new cameras were the D5100 and NEX-5N with the Sony Exmor sensors.  If the Sony sensor in the OM-D/E-PL5 has similar characteristics (and by sensor tests on the web they appear to be), then pushing shadows would be preferable to pulling highlights at low ISOs, assuming you are shooting RAW.  Both the D5100 and NEX-5N tend to underexpose at low ISO with auto DR turned on, but this appears to be the preferable way.  RAW images at base ISO from the Sony sensors have more headroom in the shadows than in the highlights (maybe a stop or more IIRC).  In LR4 pushing the shadows slider results in more natural looking images to my eye than pulling the highlights (which tends to result in 'flatter' looking highlights with less tones).

I don't have any images at the moment to back this up, just my observation from shooting with the two cameras for about a year.  I have read some of the arguments for ETTR but I have not yet used a newer DSLR from Nikon, Sony, Canon or Fuji where the RAW files benefited from this method.

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