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Re: pixel peeping

RobCMad wrote:

Well said Reilly, makes good common sense! If there wasn't so much negativity and unrealistic expectations by intellectual types who do extreme pixel peeping and in many cases may not even be that much involved in taking photos I would not have decided it best for me not to get involved in DPR forms, but I couldn't' resist commenting on this.

Wouldn't extreme pixel peeping be pixel staring? It's good that someone is defending Reilly from those intellectual types ;-).

Technical issues are relevant. If complacency had settled in a few years ago we would never had had the D3, the D300, the D7000, now the D800/E. OTOH, of course practical photography uses only partially all the advances.

So, a balance is needed, it's good to have people that like both technical and photographic issues, those are of great help. Reilly is one of them, I try to do similarly, helping beginners, checking the new gear and commenting, etc.


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