Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

slimandy wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Did you see this recent thread about purple flare with the 9-18 on the E-M5?

Thanks for this link. That's not encouraging! I'm still not convinced I want the 7~14 either though.

I'll be taking a more serious look at the Olympus 12mm again. I prefer primes anyway. My main concearn is 12mm = 24mm in 35mm talk and I might like to go wider at some stage. Still, I get a faster aperture - a definate bonus.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the purple flare at this stage. Based on my experience, much of what you see posted are worst-case scenarios that aren't very common in practice. I was out experimenting with my 7-14 together with the Samyang 7.5/3.5 FE today, just to see how they compare for certain purposes (there are interesting defishing options these days), and many of the scenes were such that the purple-flare problem might have appeared. Yet, I haven't seen a trace of it in my first review of what I got.

I think you are on the right track when you assign priority to FL over speed for pretty to very strong WAs like these. The 12/2 is nice but still more of a supplement for special cases in my book. So my advice would be to order the 9-18 and/or 7-14 from a shop where you have return rights and try it/them out with a particular eye to the purple-flare issue.

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