Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

slimandy wrote:

Anders, thanks for the detailed breakdown. I often find I pick out certain bits of a review and come to a different conclusion based on the same info but as you say, as long as the info is there in the first place it is useful. Where I find it hard to read between the lines with MFT is that I don't yet have any experience to relate it to other than trying to compare it to my full frame SLR lenses. I will buy either the 17or the 20. If you had neither lens and was starting from scratch do you think you'd still get the 20? I'll be using it on an OMD. On my Nikon D700 I use a 35mm f1.4 but a 40mm equivalent would suit me.

Tough call. What I think I would do, and that would be my practical advice to you as well, is to order them both from some place where you have return rights and then try them out for myself.

When it comes to the AF of the 20, I should mention, on top of what I said in the post I linked to, is that it will surely appear far slower than the 17 if you let it hunt. The point here is that there is no point letting it do that. It isn't more prone to hunting than any other lens (the relative ability of CDAF lenses to lock focus is just a matter of their light intake and microcontrast, and the 20 is a fast and contrasty lens), but it takes a long time to finish when it starts (this is where the weakness of the older AF mechanism really shows up; under more normal circumstances, speed is more a function of the body's processing capacity than the lens AF mechanism). And there is no point waiting for that (hunting often ends in failure to lock). Just let go of the shutter button immediately and find a better target.

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