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Re: It's great to be loved!

RBFresno wrote:

Well, I don't know that all Europeans love America, but it's a nice thought that some do!

It's great to be loved!

Our Chief Executive also loves America---he just wants to "fundamentally transform" her

RobertSigmund wrote:

RBFresno, I talk as a German: do you think it would be nice to stay under a Nazi regime?

Or, as alternative, to be occupied by the Soviet Union?



If you are somehow suggesting that the U.S. is in the need of transformation as were pre WW II Russia and Nazi Germany, then I respectfully disagree with you.

Just out of curiosity, when and where have you visited in the U.S.?


I think you misunderstood Robert. He wanted to express thanks to the U.S.A. for crushing the Nazi regime and for preventing a Soviet take-over of Western Europe after WW II. He also wanted express thanks for the Marshall Plan, which was initiated and fundedd by the U.S. and helped Germany and Europe to get back on its feet.

He also mentioned that that cultural influence of the U.S. in Germany was/is very much appreciated, which I can confirm, in particular for Jazz, Rock'n Roll and other popular music.

So, yes, he genuinely wanted to thank the U.S.A. in this post.

With regard to his opening post, I would suggest to dpreview to allow posters a longer grace time than a meagre 5 minutes to review or withdraw ones own posts. I discovered this once for myself, could not change anything, and yet no one had replied yet.

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