5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

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pdxpix wrote:

I got what I expected, and mostly what I deserved, for complaining about spending $3,500 on a new 5D MK III that lasted less than 100 clicks. Turns out I'm not alone after all, having done some searching for similar situations. Turned up many threads about Error Codes 30 and 80 on the MK III, some on bodies right out of the box like mine, and at least one poor guy who got two lemons in a row.

Sometimes no Error Code is displayed, but the symptoms are the same: auto focus is lost on every lens and shutter release button does absolutely nothing when pressed either halfway or fully. Sometimes the user can "fix it" by taking out the battery like a cell phone; trying different card types and sizes; other times the camera just stops working without warning and and that point it does become a $3,000 magnesium chassis brick.

And my beef certainly isn't with B&H. I realize I'm no where near the ballpark with some of you pros in this forum. But I am an unofficial member of the B&H $10,000 club, with almost all of that spent on genuine Canon gear. They agreed to take it back no questions asked, and for that I am grateful. I fully expect to buy from B&H the eventual 5D MK IV, with bugs worked out, whenever it is released.

I bought the 5D MK III believing the hype. I thought this might finally be "a camera for life" (or least for the next five years), having built up a stock of L "red dot" glass for the move to FF. It didn't work out for me, like it did for most of you. No big deal.

Since this was my first venture into FF, this also was my first post in this forum. Not a great first impression, I realize. But like I said earlier, I still have a flawless 7D, so excuse me while I slink back to the crop sensor forum...

So, having gotten an obviously faulty camera, you're going to give up on shooting full frame forever?  Because there will be bugs with the 5D4, whenever it's released and there will be faulty bodies. You're just getting a refund, rather than a replacement? That doesn't sound like a fully thought out response.

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