I almost bought the wrong 6D today...didn't know there were differences

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Re: I almost bought the wrong 6D today...didn't know there were differences

Sunpilot wrote:

I'm just putting this out there in case anyone is looking around for a 6D sale. I found a great price and called the seller in New Jersey, but after much discussion with him I found out the 6D he was selling did not come with wi-fi or GPS. Also it had a limited warranty that was not from Canon, which I expected. After reading many ads for the 6D on various seller websites I found that Canon does offer the camera without wi-f-i and GPS...they are for overseas markets, but find their way here through import resellers. So, if you are in the market, please beware of what you are buying. I believe the model labeled 6D (WG) body has the wi-fi and GPS. Hope this helps someone avoid buying the wrong product.
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the non wifi / gps model is only available in markets where canon cannot sell/distribute gps/wifi tech for a variety of reasons .. is this a reputable seller? what's their name?  this sounds like more the bait and switch and upselling scam that some of the disreputable sellers do.

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