Dropped Nikon 70-200 VRII - not a good day

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Re: Dropped Nikon 70-200 VRII - not a good day

sfnikon wrote:

chekist wrote:

I was preparing for a shoot tomorrow and accidentally dropped my 70-200 VR. Has not really happen to me before - am usually very careful with lenses and equipment. UV filter shuttered and scratched the front element. There is a set of some 5 pin point scratch marks now. Sad truth is that lens probably would be just fine if not for the UV filter that did all the damage.

My question is - what are some other less obvious ways in which the lens could be damaged? How can I check?

Do you think this set of pin point scratches would damage IQ of the lens?

Nikon claims that repair for this should be about $700. Has anyone actually done this? Was that the price or this is an over estimate?



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Ouch! I bet the uv filter did good in absorbing some (much?) of the impact. I don't think small scratches on the front element affects the image at all. I would be most worried about small shifts in internal alignment in a complex precision tool. I would test carefully for equal sharpness at all 4 corners and if it seems alright I would not spend $700 to just take care of the scratch. Also test the VR function carefully.

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Sorry to hear about your lens, but to this post, I suspect the filter in this case make things worse.  If the first element didn't shatter in the fall, it wouldn't have without the filter either and in this case it sounds like the shattered filter did some scratching damage.

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