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Re: why enter the biz?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I'm learning to play bass guitar and keyboards. I'm thinking given 3 to 5 years I can be sufficiently proficient to change careers. Hey, if the stones and aerosmith can play in the 60s so can I.
My brother in law plays in a jazz band as a hobby and when GM was laying people off he looked into playing on cruise ships - $80-100k a year plus room and board he told me.
I have another friend that has supported himself his whole adult life playing bars.
Or a friend is leaving the DJ biz - $2g gets me all his gear, lights, backups, cds -everything. Its old school -not on computer, not LED lighting, but it's cheap. And DJs have no post processing to worry about! LOL

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Have fun and good luck.

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