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Re: It's great to be loved!

This is just a stupid forum somewhere on the internet where some old cranky right wingers long for the 1950s when black men knew better than candidate for the US presidency and the world was a nice (if imaginary) good vs evil.

It has little to do with real world relations and US citizens as a whole. Almost all i´ve met in real life have been between rather pleasant and quite good folks.

All people in this forum should stop thinking in terms like "they", that "country/race/ethno cultural identity". All these terms hide the same idea of racism, some are just more extreme than others. Hatefull right wingers are a curse everywhere in the world and they are in every country. That´s what people should think about.

RobertSigmund wrote:

RBFresno, I talk as a German: do you think it would be nice to stay under a Nazi regime?

Or, as alternative, to be occupied by the Soviet Union?

Would you appreciate a country that after a bloody war helped you to become the most prosperous nation of Europe?

And I do not even start talking about the cultural influence ...

All the more it hurts to see this country destroyed by mean right wing criminals, banksters, religious zealots, NRA and and and ...

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