Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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Re: DR, ETTR and Sanity

I have tried your advise that you gave in maximizing the dynamic range on my OM-D:

"In addition, with regard to ETTR, you can experiment yourself easily by setting your camera to A mode, spot metering, +3 EV, point it at the brightest area in the frame and AE lock, then compose and shoot the frame. This method works and is highly accurate in producing well balanced exposures, often without any loss at either end of the histogram. This method really works well when shooting outdoors."

As you suggested, this method works really well during the day outside when bright areas (like the sky) are present or even inside when you can point your camera's spot meter at an obvious bright area in the frame that you want to expose for.

But this method does not work very well when the scene has no bright areas and without any highlights.

How would you change the setting up of your camera if want to maximizing the dynamic range in scenes with no highlights?  Setting you camera to +3EV in these cases doesn't get proper exposure.

Thanks, Ron

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