Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

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Re: Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

Rich Rosen wrote:

You state that you think that a D 5100 would be too much camera for you. You are making a mistake thinking that. Cameras record images. They record images properly when the right aperture, shutter speed, and iso are chosen. The user can select those parameters, or he can leave it to the camera's various auto modes, to make the decisions for him. What cameras don't do is guide or teach a person how to take proper images, except by showing one the error of his ways. It'll teach you how to navigate through its settings, but critique your work...NAH! Almost any camera has automatic modes. There is:

  1. Aperture priority; you set the aperture, the camera sets the shutter speed.
  2. Shutter priority; you set the shutter speed, the camera sets ... You guessed it, the aperture.
  3. Program; the sets both shutter and aperture.
  4. Automatic; camera sets the above, sets appropriate ISO, decides whether flash is needed.

´╗┐In addition almost any camera has scene modes, which will set the camera up to an image under certain circumstances

Some how my original post got cut off in the middle.

Those circumstances would include a night scene or portrait in which the user decides which scene it is and the camera  does the rest. The point is that most of today's DSLRs can be as simple as a novice would want. The problem comes when the user becomes more skilled and outgrows his camera. Because I believe that a camera is a tool, I also believe that one should get the best camera ,  he can get within the limits of his budget. In this way, he will not out grow his camera so quickly. My recommendation is not on your final list of three. It is ... wait for it... the Nikon D 7000 With the 18-105 VR lens. Here is a camera that will meet your needs now and in the future. It has been built for the enthusiast with its metal chassis, weather sealing. It's AF module is well advanced. And it meets your budget parameters at  $1197 at B&H , on sale until feb 2, 2013.

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