Is Safox X really more accurate with fast glass?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
jaad75 Contributing Member • Posts: 601
Re: Is Safox X really more accurate with fast glass?

It is more accurate overall, not only with a central point. It's hard to tell if a f/2.8 baseline helped a central point, because I hardly see a difference between the central and the other cross type points. From a user point of view, it doesn't matter what caused the improvement - I'm commenting the overall performance which is definitely better than before, even if the f/2.8 point is not involved in that at all. The goal is to have a better precision, not to see a difference with a f/2.8 point, isn't it?

And you don't have to teach me what the f/2.8 baseline affects, really.

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