New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

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Re: A Brit speaking like a Canuck

Shunda77 wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

My two trips to the States left me feeling very grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in NZ,

You visited all 50 states and met everyone....twice?

No....... but I didn't have my eyes shut.

especially our employment law and the access we have to enjoy the land, rivers, lakes and ocean regardless of wealth or status.

Ha! Ha!let me guess, some con artist charged the tourist (you) to look at the ocean.

No, but a taxi driver ripped me off!

We have "free" access to "enjoy the land, rivers, lakes and ocean" - you don't need wealth or status, all you need are the will to get to them. I just got back from a weekend backpacking trip in one of my States many State Forests. All I did was drive to the starting point, filled out the Backpacker's Registration the rangers know how many people are in your party (in my case two) and when you are coming back. Drop the card in the box and off we went.....then drop off the return card when you get back. If you don't come back, they call the number you left to make sure you are OK. If they don't get an answer, they go looking for your body.

We have a similar system here in our national parks.

What we have is a strip of land

Just a 'strip of land?" We have millions of acres.

around all rivers,lakes etc that effectively always belongs to the people of NZ,

What about man-made lakes? Here in the US (I can only assume in your country too) people will buy a large property and build a lake on everyone should have free access to the lake that I built on my own private property?

this means that even in the middle of cities,

You didn't see very much when you were here - people fish all the time along the rivers in the cities here too.

technically no on can restrict anyone from these areas or own a riverbank for instance.

Which is great for keen fishermen like me!

So much for freedom of private property.

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Rethink your last comment.

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