New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

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Re: New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

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This study makes quite interesting reading, not the least because my country won!

It seems that the concept of freedom is actually fairly poorly understood by many people, it is also interesting that countries traditionally seen as an example of holding 'freedom' ideals are actually steadily sliding down the list.

Here's the link:

Having great wealth is not necessarily an indicator of real freedom, I'm broke and I feel free as a bird!

1 New Zealand
2 Netherlands
3 Hong Kong
4 Australia
5 Canada
6 Ireland
7 United States of America
8 Denmark
9 Japan
10 Estonia

This thread, unlike most, is illuminating. One posts claims homosexuals suffer Iran-like oppression. (Very funny. Want to own Disney World for a day? Be gay!)

Others think freedom means public drunkenness.

What's another measure of freedom? When they stretch that far to find something to offer.

Are there countries where being drunken in public is forbidden?

Plenty.  I've traveled a bit, but have yet to find one where it's appreciated in any sense, let alone as a hallmark of freedom.  Strike a blow for liberty.  Throw up in the gutter.

Maybe some fundamental Muslim countries and Singapore ...

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