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No simple answer

Great Bustard wrote:


If guns were made illegal in the US (note: this doesn't mean that there are no guns, just that they are illegal, except for police and military), do you believe that the number of deaths due to assault (that is, not due to suicide or accidents) will increase, decrease, or stay roughly the same?

Please write "Increase", "Decrease", or "Same" in the subject line of your reply, and feel free to elaborate in the body of the reply.

Bonus question:

What about injuries (cuts, broken bones, etc.)?

Scenario 1:
There is going to be another civil war according to some people here. 
Scenario 2:
No civil war but a lot of the gun nuts will go crazy and angry.  They might either kill someone or commit suicide. 

Since you are talking about deaths due to assault only, I think it could go either way for the reason in scenario 2 above.  It also depends how the 17,985 state and local law enforcement agencies do their reports.  ; -)  You can see from this FBI data table that it is far from complete.

FBI expansion table 11 - murder circumstances

1249 firearm victims died with unspecified circumstances and 3586 with circumstances unknown.
Is it laziness, incompetence, or just don't want to cooperate with Federal?

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