I've got the blues... Problem with Aperture and NEF

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Re: I've got the blues... Problem with Aperture and NEF

Jestikon wrote:

I was at a parade today and took some shots. When I loaded them into Aperture I noticed the blue was "off". I loaded the same picture in ViewNX and converted it to jpg (JPG looks the same as the RAW in viewNX). Aperture processes the blue rather poorly IMHO.

I know that Aperture does not know NEF internals and it's doing it's best guess. I also know I can convert to TIFF and import or just shoot in JPG. I guess my point is I like to shoot RAW in case I need to make some heavy adjustments and I really like Aperture for its DAM capabilities. I was wonder what others do about this issue it's rather troubling.

Below is the image in question. The top image is how ViewNX renders the image and the bottom is how Aperture renders the image. The blue pants are way to dark in Aperture. I would hate to have to edit images in Aperture if the blue is off in Aperture.



I do most of my RAW processing in DxO and then import and stack the output with the originals in Aperture. I then do further adjustments in Aperture if needed.

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